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Dear customer

As an accredited company it's our responsibility to reinsure customer satisfaction.

Nordic NDT AB is always trying to improve the customer experience in all sorts of ways.

This is a survey where we at Nordic NDT AB are asking you as a customer for feedback and your experience working with us. 

It is a quality follow-up that is used to maintain a high level, and make sure that the customer is satisfied when working with us.

​We would like you to fill out our survey below, but also leave a comment in the comment section below if you have thoughts or requests that are not covered by the survey. 

Our ambition is to listen to all the feedback and evolve for the 

better as a company.

5 is the highest rating and 1 is the lowest rating

Your feedback is very important to us. 

Help us, help you!

Quality control of projects carried out by Nordic NDT AB

What's your impression of Nordic NDT AB
Ability to keep set time frames

Ability to cooperate

Ability to solve the technical task

Flexibility towards you as a customer

Was the documentations/reports appropiate and technically accurate

Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt

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