Confidentiality and GDPR agreement​

​Information that has been received during projects is always handled with confidentiality and the ownership of the information shall always be protected.​

We follow the legally binding commitments that apply to our industry.

Nordic NDT AB’s integrity policy

This integrity policy refers to Nordic NDT AB’s way of handling personal data for you as a user of our services.

How do we handle your personal data:

Personal data is the information that can be connected to you personally when using our services, such as names, date of birth, technical information which can be traced to our executed projects.

Where does the information come from?

The information comes from the data that we collect during projects that you agreed upon with a signature on the order of confirmation.

To what purpose do we use your personal data?

We are using your personal data for documentation to be able to fullfill the current requirements of the current standards that is regarding Nordic NDT AB’s accreditation for third party position. We archive personal data according to the requirements in the current/relevant standards.

To who are we sharing your personal data?

We give out personal data ONLY to the person/client that ordered the project or through a written agreement to share the information to a third party.

If someone wishes to be extracted from the client register, please contact Nordic NDT AB.

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